The Plan

First Semester

*Principles of Methodology, and Research Techniques
*ICT Information and Communication Technology
*Principles of Administration
*Principles of Accounting
*Fundamentals of Marketing

Second Semester

*Principles of Mathematics
*Communication Techniques
*Tributary Legislation
*Optional 1

Third Semester

*Strategic Communication
*Principles of Management Accounting
*Civil and Commercial Legislation
*Optional 2

Fourth Semester

*Financial Mathematics
*Management Accounting
*Management Information Systems
*Labor Legislation
*Optional 3

Fifth Semester

*Methodology, and Research Techniques
*Principles of Organization Structure
*Principles of Operations Management
*Human Talent Management
*Optional 4

Sixth Semester

*Organization Structure
*Operations Management
*Financial Administration
*Market Study
*Public Administration
*Optional 5

Seventh Semester

*Business Coaching
*Foreign Trade Administration
*Capital and Money Market
*Strategic Planning
*Optional 6

Eighth Semester

*Professional Ethics
*Administrative Management Audit
*Strategic Management
*Formulation and Evaluation of Projects
*Logistics Administration
*Optional 7

Ninth Semester

*Induction to Thesis
*Study of Pre-feasibility
*Principle of Preparation of Research Project
*Implementation of the Strategic Plan
*Technical Study Application
*Optional 8

Tenth Semester

*Business Strategies 
*Financial Study
*Preparation of Research Project 
*Presentation and Defenses Business Plan
*Presentation and Defense of Thesis
*Optional 9